Robert Rauschenberg
March 4 - July 3, 2005
New Work Gallery

Robert Rauschenberg, an acknowledged American master, has been living in Florida since the 1970s. This exhibition consists of recent works from his ongoing series, titled Scenarios. The works in this series are based on photographs taken primarily in the environs of his Captiva, Florida home.

Throughout his career, Rauschenberg has been a pioneer in the use of photographic reproduction in painting and printmaking. In the 1990s he developed a unique, highly personal transfer process that has allowed him to use his own photographs as the basis for large-scale works of art. This is the first exhibition of Rauschenberg’s paintings in South Florida since 1984, when MAM-then called the Center for Fine Arts-presented a work-in-progress exhibit of his quarter-mile-long painted opus, The 2 Furlong Piece.

The exhibition is organized by Miami Art Museum as part of New Work, a series of projects by leading contemporary artists. Curated by MAM Assistant Director for Programs/Senior Curator Peter Boswell.

Ah, the sigh of relief.
A bygone era evokes nostalgia.
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